Dear Avatar in the making,

Wherever you are on your journey – this program will help you to accelerate your dreams to come true faster. It helps you examine the parts in you that are still lingering and waiting to be discovered. We are on this journey together, we share with each other in our defeats and victories and learn to realize that we are all truly connected. Nobody is perfect and yet we are absolutely PERFECT in our imperfections. Allow yourself to recognize and release the parts that stop you and become UNSTOPPABLE, UNSHAKEABLE and UNBREAKABLE. Become what you are made of and REALIZE fully what that is.



The 7 P’s with Eva

  1. Become POTENTIAL
  2. Embody PEACE
  3. Feel PASSION
  5. Access POWER
  6. Love PLAY
  7. Receive PLEASURE

Your Journey in 2020 into a new level of appreciation for yourself and the world around you

– Eva welcomes you to the Embody your Avatar Program –

– you are becoming a conscious co-creator with the universe
– you become a master of your destiny versus a victim of your circumstances
– you let go of hindering core beliefs that are engrained from childhood
– you allow more freedom in areas of unforgivingness, harshness and trauma
– you love more unconditional
– your self love grows and you get off your own case
– you stop judging others and the world around you
– you become aware of the connection between all things
– you learn how to design a life that brings joy to you
– you release emotions of lower vibration and make room for good feelings
– you learn how to bring to you what you truly desire
– you learn how to self heal your body and mind
– you learn how to activate your Intuition and learn how to receive clear answers
– you overcome fears that have frozen you and paralyzed you in your life
– you learn to breathe differently
– you learn to live from your high heart
– you release trauma
– you release the victim in you
– you learn how to attract true loving relationships
– you learn tools to create ease and harmony in your life
– you attract more abundance and prosperity into your life
– your life turns from stressful to a place of peaceful inner acceptance
– you feel safe no matter the circumstances around you
– you embrace your femininity in a new way
– you feel a part of a community of like-minded women ready for more….

If this feels like something you are ready for – LET’s do this!!!


This Masterclass is founded on a commitment to yourself and the others that take the course with you. We created a safe container that allows for each participant to flourish and let go of their core issues since that environment of stability, integrity, safety is important to allow for shifts to occur.

One Weekend a Month for 12 Months
Starting in January 2020
424 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93001

Saturdays: 12pm-6pm
Sundays: 11am-3pm

REGULAR SEMINAR PRICE: 12-months for $2,388 (billed annually)
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you commit before December 1, 2019: 12-months for $2,222 (billed annually; save almost one entire weekend!)

Luxury items you receive when purchasing before December 1 with annual billing:
– 10 x Infra Red Ceragem Bed Value: $400
– 10 x Sound healing Value:$200

BILLED MONTHLY: $199/month (12-month commitment on AutoPay)

About Eva

Eva, is a Transformation Alchemist, has helped hundreds of clients to truly reveal their Divine Essence to live their lives in balance with nature and all beings.
From this place, happiness becomes alive and we return to our natural bliss and become our magic Self again.

– Business School in Switzerland
– Natural Path with 3 holistic medicine Practices (Germany, Switzerland and NYC)
– Ascension guide
– Meditation Sound Alchemist
– Intuitive Quantum Healer
– Massage Therapist
– Kundalini Yoga
– Lagree Method
– Tattoo Artist
– Developed 8 part Meditation
– Developed: GRACE-Method, E-V-O-L-V-E Formula and C-onceive Tutorial
– Addiction Release Coach: developed “Phoenix Rising Program”
– Fertility Guide
– Visionary

Frequently Asked Questions:


In Hinduism – it is a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.
We all are incarnated teachers and have to offer a unique gift to each other. Understanding that we are a part of the creation that made all things equal
allows us to break free from separation. Uniqueness is embraced and understood as each of us holds a particular frequency that resonates perfection.
Now is the time to find out what you could share with the world that is YOU!


– This class is for women that are ready to feel good from the inside, that are ready to take their own life to the next level, that want to be a master of their destiny instead of a victim of their story.
– This class is for women who seek a deep sense of connectedness to something bigger than themselves.
– This class is for women who want to feel confident and happy.
– This class is for women who want to activate their innate gifts and play.
– This class is for women who want to meet new inspiring women and want to activate their purpose and destiny.


– We spend a Saturday from 12 – 6pm together and a Sunday from 11am – 3pm. One weekend per month.
– We find the exact days each month as the group has manifested and we can determine the best dates with the group itself.


– This class is not for women that want to keep finding excuses for not doing what they have the potential for.
– This class is not for women that are not ready for change or are not ready to take self responsibility.
– This class is not for women who don’t trust in the potential of the universe and who don’t seek inner healing.
– This class is not for women who are unforgiving.


– You stop giving your power away to doctors or anyone for that matter.
– You learn to understand what your body is telling you and learn how to heal it
– You connect to your higher self and learn to hear your intuition
– You learn how to ask direct questions and learn how to hear your consciousness guide you directly
– You activate your personal GPS and become clear about your goals
– You learn how to utilize the power/potential of the universe so you can manifest your dreams effortlessly
– You activate your own potential and unique talents/gifts
– You learn tools that help you embody unity consciousness and make you feel at peace.
– You access infinite joy and expand your radiance
– You become a beacon of light that magnetizes to itself that which it is.
– Your world transforms as you connect to a new vibration of experience
– You overcome your fears
– You fall in love with yourself
– You bring harmony to relationships in your life
– You activate your innate Goddess – your sensuality
– You say YES to life and your creativity roars
– You design your best life – and get to live it too


You give that commitment not to me, but to yourself to give a sign to the universe that you are ready for a shift. Every person comes to a point in life where we have to decide if we want to get out of the hamster wheel in our head and find sovereignty inside our being, which means we need to dedicate time to spiritual practices, self growth and inner transformation. Planning in 10 h a month to do so, is in my perspective not a big commitment, especially when we look at the pay off of such a commitment to self. Another part to this is – that the group that wants to do it together – is a group that supports each others growth and it is important that we hold a strong container and be committed to our self and the others. We will find dates that will work for everyone – even if that means to find 2 days a month – 10h a month – at different weekends and even if it means to make the 12 weekends last a few months longer. It is FOR YOU – this offering – and for a GROUP that dedicates this willingness to transformation and to a life that is designed in the most fabulous way.


I was lead by spirit to put on this 12 month Master class. I always listen to what comes through and don’t doubt that it is for a reason. The reason that I understand so far is that it is about that journey in a group and with a group. This is the year of collaboration and opening to a greater potential. With a group this potential is even more magnified. The material that is going to be shared will be powerful information and some of the tools will want to be “tried out or tried on” like a new shoe – and you find out how it fits and you get to experiment with it for a while and then you get back after a month and can share your experiences. You can feel the shift each month and realize that you are on a journey of awakening dormant parts in you and the pleasure that seeps into you and the joy that exhilarates your being will be profound. This would not be possible, if we didn’t stay with each other to be able to witness each others transformations and support each other through the releasing process. We are establishing a safe, productive, effective container to do this work and therefore we need to bring in the dedicated Avatars that feel that they ARE truly here by Divine Appointment. I trust that the group that will establish itself is absolutely ready for LIFT OFF!!! I expect EASE, GRACE and lots of healing laughter.


You dress comfortably – what you would wear to a workout as well. You bring a water bottle that you can fill with water of our fountain water.
Please bring a beach chair, a comfortable seating pillow and maybe a cosy blanket. A beach chair is a comfortable seat for inside and also for the purpose to sit at the beach if we decide to go there. It is close, so I want to be prepared for all ideas that spirit gives us at any given moment.
Also a crystal for the altar – that we will create with each other each time we meet
– you can charge up your crystal in the powerful transformational energies. If you like to bring a flower for the altar or anything else to activate – would be amazing too.


It is important to invest money into spiritual education as energetically it is a declaration from your mind/heart to spirit that you are serious with your willingness to change. You are opening yourself up with the giving. You are ready to receive as you feel on a subconscious level more deserving if you invested into your transformation.


Whatever you feel now – or think right now is a great clue for you – when you observe yourself now and remember that you are not what you THINK or FEEL, but that they are parts in you that are running your psyche – and that those thoughts want to stick around as they want to keep you hostage in a scarcity world. These parts will tell you the exact story – that keeps you from unbound joy and that will tell you that this is just not the right time, that there is something better out there, that you can’t afford it… and will come up with this OR the other….whatever thoughts your inner politician needs to throw at you to run your show….will come up and try to hinder you from saying YES to something NEW, to something you have never done before. That is exactly why this is coming up now, because you have never done this!!! Why don’t you try something new? Did doing the same thing over and over help you FEEL truly good, happy and satisfied so far??? If there is NO Area in your life you could improve – this is not for YOU! If you are completely where you want to be – this is NOT for you! But if there is an area that pulled your attention and the “inner politician in you” tries to convince you otherwise, then you know you are in for a TREAT, cause that inner politician in you will have to leave soon and will make room for PEACE, LOVE and GRACE.

Embrace all those thoughts and ask yourself the question: What IF – I allowed myself to KNOW that I can be FREE? What IF – I allowed myself to stop negative self talk and judgments? What IF – I allowed myself to get off my own BACK and stop being so harsh on myself and on others? What IF – I realized – I could allow myself to be happy and to belong to something? What would that do for me??



NO – we believe in complete Consent in all we do – everyone is ready when they are ready.
We only help and support the loosening of the inner bonds to old habits and rigid behavior.
You are always the master of your own decisions and we will accept where you are at any given time.

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