Join the Fit Buddha Family!

Our mission is to give our clients the full Fit Buddha experience they deserve. The workout is intense, their life is often intense and Fit Buddha is here to transport our customers into a world of self-nurturing, self-awareness, and is here to guide each individual to shift into their next best level of evolution with a commitment to serve each person. A loving, dedicated team makes every customer’s experience so much better. From in the studio to behind the scenes, we strive to create an environment committed to teamwork, excellence, creativity, and work/life balance. 


Are you ready to take your passion to the next level? You’ve got the vision necessary to help grow the Fit Buddha brand. Why not have your own Fit Buddha studio?


Not able to budget the classes at Fit Buddha but would like to be part of our family? We’d love to discuss a collaboration if you are talented in specific areas. We believe everyone has something of value to offer!


You’re enthusiastic and passionate about fitness and you love to inspire people to become their best. Why not become a Fit Buddha Certified Instructor?

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