“I love this place!”

When I first started coming here I was 178 pounds, I’m now 115. This place has changed my life! It’s a great workout environment. I love this place and I love Marcus and Eva!


“Fit Buddha helped change my life forever!”

I have always been a heavier individual throughout my life fluctuating between sizes all throughout my teenage years, even though I played multiple sports. Food is my vice and I suffer from an addiction to sweets as many others do. When I began attending college and stopped playing sports, I quickly gained weight and had become the heaviest I had been at 195 lbs. I started my own personal weight loss program when I had just turned 20 years old with the determination to be healthy and fit by my 21st birthday. I joined Fit Buddha in December 2011 and started off slowly by going twice a week. Meanwhile, I began monitoring my daily calorie intake, as well as eliminating almost all sugar and boosting protein in my diet. By the third month of religiously attending Fit Buddha an average of 4 times a week, I began seeing and feeling the results. It was the best feeling ever! Within 8 months, I had lost a total of 80 lbs!! I went from being a size 12/14 to a size 00!! I have never felt so healthy, fit, and confident in my life. Thanks to Marcus, Eva, and the Fit Buddha family, I had the support and the tools I needed to accomplish my ultimate weight loss success story.”


Marcus and all of his Fit Buddha trainers provided me with the knowledge, equipment, and healing and positive environment that I needed to recover from this surgery.  My injury would have been far worse had I not been a regular client, and their attention to me afterward made for a speedy and happy recovery. My knee was at 100 percent range of motion at just over 3 months.  My endurance was also fully restored.


“My body has changed!”

My husband has noticed it.. I feel better, I feel stronger, my clothes fit better. I’ve done many workouts since I had my child this is by far the best workout and fastest results I’ve ever gotten.


“I just love this place!”

I always felt intimidated going to the gym and here no one judges you. After 3 C-sections I really felt the strength and toning in my body in such little time, just 40 minutes! It’s nice to hear my husband say that he can notice a difference. It’s just great, I love it! 


“What I like about Fit Buddha is it’s extremely efficient.”

It’s 40-50 minutes, you can do it during lunch, and it’s intense! It’s the most intense workout I’ve ever done! I like that you can get in, get out, and feel completely exhausted after. 



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