Welcome to our GO Deep Membership Only Meditation Group 

Miracles are created from within. When we become once again connected to our innocent heart and look at the world with Wonder, the eyes of a child, then we become the active Force that creates Change on Earth.

For that to happen we need to make choices that are aligned with our innate Wisdom, with the Truth beyond “rationality – our mind” that ultimately gives us only a minimal percentage of what we have access to. In meditation, we expand our reach into the infinite mind, the endless possibilities of Source consciousness that connects all the pieces of the puzzle that our rational mind can not comprehend. Our body and our heart can comprehend what the mind can not. Our being can understand concepts and ideas that are not even available to us yet, as our heart and body is ONE with that same consciousness that is birthing a new world at this time. We can choose to stay in fear or we can choose to leap and have faith that something so profoundly new is birthing itself right now. We each make that choice and it is absolutely ok to choose whatever that might look like in each of our worlds. 

Go Deep Weekly is a Meditation Group that is dedicated to go beyond the ordinary mind, the constructs that are binding us to our old ways, and suffocate our expression and the governing rules that hold us hostage. These meditations go deep into the crystalline heart of creation itself to unravel a new Matrix within us, activate and initiate us as a new human collective is birthed. With each of us – our individual power and choice – we raise up into Saying Yes to the NEW – Saying Yes to magnifying this conscious path and multiplying the energy as we visualize, feel and bathe in the new way, the new world, the new being in each of our meditations. From this place true innate remembrance awakens and we can hold and anchor in the crystalline Blueprint into our being so we are rooted into a world of possiblilities, magic and miracles. 

Please join our Unify Global Peace Membership Only Meditation Group:

Try it for 1 month $39

$27/ monthly (autopay)

$299/ yearly (save $25)

  • Align your minds and hearts with others
  • SHIFT perspective – FEEL the change – BE the change – RADIATE the change – MAGNIFY the potential

This circle is for every person that has awakened to the potential that lives within and understands that the magnified power of our heart energies can create.


  • Your support is creating change inside your own being but also change in the world
  • Your active participation is required for change
  • Every word, every emotion, every action matters
  • You first have to see and feel before you experience it
  • Give your energy, your love, and commitment to something you believe in and create Peace on Earth from within.
  • $27 per month gives you access to 4 Go Deep Meditations – If you miss one you can access the recording.
  • Your monthly membership will also give you a better rate on all other Meditation packages, Retreats, Events, and Infra-Red Massage Bed


When you become a member of our Unify Global Peace Meditation Group, you will receive access to our Facebook community called Awakened Creator Hearts with other like-minded conscious creators.

About Eva Kettles

Eva helps people to remember their own self-worth and to express their untamed adventurous spirit by choosing their perfect life and becoming sovereign magnetic creators. Learn to transform struggle into liberation, purpose, passion, and confidence.

She has helped hundreds of high powered entrepreneurs through personal VIP coaching to connect to their true passion, including celebrities and politicians. She is a two-time Best stelling Author and is certified in at least 15 different modalities, which allows her to pick and chose what works to create the Magnetic Evolution Movement.

She has also developed specific systems and courses for clients that suffer from specific symptoms in areas of addiction, fertility, and depression.

Her uniquely created Miracle YOU Meditations are also very powerful tools that can accompany every course and help her clients anchor in a new State of Being.

Life experiences have taught Eva that universal laws cannot be broken and that it is the individual that needs to align with them. As we find alignment - we find freedom from suffering.


Where to book the session – when is it?

The Meditation Group meets online on Thursdays at 7:30 PM PST. Please sign up for a class on the Fit Buddha website.

You will automatically receive a link to the Zoom class once you are signed up.

What if I miss it?

You’ll receive a playback recording if you have signed up for class and were not present.

Do I have access to the Facebook Group page?

Yes, we will have an Activated Creator Heart Circle – for all our Members to meet if they do wish to meet and learn about each other.

What if Eva cancels a Class?

She will record a session and put it up on the Facebook Group page for everyone to access there.

Will I receive each month’s 4 Group Meditations?

Yes, You will always have 4 meditations each month!!!

Eva’s commitment:

I am committed to utilizing what I know and I have learned to enlighten and awaken everyone I meet, to anchor in the new energies that are showered onto earth into everyone and everything, so we can remember our true inherent wisdom, talents, our true power and once again love beyond limits and establish harmony and peace on this planet and beyond.

Your commitment:

If you feel guided to show up for this world, to take your own stand to serve with your energy, your talent, and light – then please join me in my commitment to honor and serve humanity, the earth, and the universe by helping us all align with mother nature and all beings.


Join our monthly Membership Meditation Group and create Change NOW!


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