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Miracle YOU meditations are absolutely amazing as each meditation not only delivers with each audio file the perfect energy transmission directly to you – in the convenience of your home. These transmissions are also jam-packed with effective tools that support deep transformation. The meditations are fully loaded with spiritual wisdom and activations of your inherent DNA into the greater expansion of your human evolution.

You can choose to listen to one Challenge at a time or decide to even buy two challenges at the same time. I would recommend if you do that to combine Miracle Face with Miracle Body as the face meditation is 15min. long and is done right after you wake up and Miracle Body is 30min long and works well in the afternoon or evening. You can combine the Miracle You meditations well with the Recode Sessions as the Recode Sessions will help you align with your inherent potential by treating your personal history in a way that is unique and truly incredible, as it utilizes Quantum Transformation principles to align you with your individual path that is waiting to be expressed. You will be able to access all that you have been dreaming about and remove what has been standing in the way of your desired outcome.

Both, Miracle Love and Miracle Liberation Challenges should not be combined as they are all in itself extremely transformational and efficient and will evoke huge energetic shifts in you. One is enough at one time.

Miracle YOU Meditations are anchoring and deepening your ability to access what the Recode Sessions have removed and newly evoked inside of you. These meditations will keep moving the energies even quicker so you embody the change you desire.

You will be deeply satisfied in your choice to combine those 2 Offerings, as they go hand in hand and will magnify your success incredibly.

All Meditations are a one-time, individual purchase that can be accessed instantly after purchase.

Miracle Face – $99  or  ($79 for Members only)
Miracle Body – $199 or ($179 for Members only)
Miracle Love – $299 or ($279 for Members only)
Miracle Liberation $399 or ($379 for Members only) COMING SOON!

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Miracle Face – 9 Day Challenge

Miracle Face Meditation challenge is truly a gift to yourself. Every morning after you wake up, have brushed your teeth and washed your face – you are asked to sit down in front of a mirror and the magic begins. You don’t have to do anything but access the purchase page and click on the first recording MiracleFace Day 1. The recordings are about 15-20min. long, I kept them short most of the days, so you can go about your day. You will be amazed at how deeply you will shift your personal perception of self. Each day is completely unique and a journey into falling in love with your own expression. I am sure you will love it and love yourself after listening. The meditations are completely catered to awakening your true essence and allowing you to feel and let go. My wish is for you to SEE with new Eyes….

There is more than one expression inside of you. Your face speaks more than 1000 words.


Non-Members Pricing: $99
Members Pricing: $79
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Miracle Body – 18 Day Challenge

Miracle Body Meditation challenge helps you to energize your body from within, helps you to activate your innate healing capacities by becoming aware that you can do this. A good time to connect with your body is in the afternoon or evening before you are too tired as this meditation helps you to shift your body image and attachments to your old beliefs about weight, looks in general. Free yourself from the paradigm of perfection and idealized images. You ARE innately beautiful and perfect and this Miracle Body meditation not only delivers this message but many energetic infusions to help you align with your true body and nature. It is a true gift to live in this body and realizing it’s tremendous potential is exceptionally important especially at this time. YOU are a miracle and what you think and feel about everything determines how your body treats you. This meditation Challenge is an absolute MUST for everyone!


Non-Members Pricing: $199
Members Pricing: $179
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Miracle Love – 28 Day Challenge

In this Meditation Challenge, you experience 28 unique, one of a kind alchemical Love meditations that are moving you step by step deeper into harmony with the feeling of LOVE. You become a ‘unified & aligned’ version of Self, feel the Sacred Union inside of your heart and are lifted into the higher heart, a chakra that sees no duality, no good or bad and that is able to be LOVE beyond attachment. From this space, you become connected to unconditional love, experience true innate love towards self and all things and beings. You become synched with the heartbeat of the entire universe. You appreciate life in a new way and co-create in harmony with the laws of the universe.

It is recommended that you do this meditation after Face and Body Miracle Meditations as each meditation is building upon the next.

Non-Members Pricing: $299
Members Pricing: $279
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Miracle Liberation – 36 Day Challenge

‘Miracle Liberation’ is the absolute NON plus Ultra Meditation series. You choose this one, when you are completely ready to give yourself permission to be FREE from all chains – from the past and from all that, which held you hostage in a prison of thoughts, rules, and ideas that were constructed to make you think less of yourself, of others and understand the world in a way that makes you feel separate from the whole. The elements that held you captured in a story of “not ever being good enough, capable enough to run your own show”, but YOU ARE!!! You are governed by your own spiritual guidance system and are able to create miracles as you and the universe become one synchronized, well-oiled machine that creates momentum into more Miracles and more Magic every day. This sequence is utilizing breathtaking tools to unplug you from the idea of separation and lifts you into a new way of perceiving absolutely everything. A new paradigm awaits!!!

Recommendation: Do this meditation after all other meditations! This is not for the faint of heart!!! This is truly unplugging YOU!

Non-Members Yearly Pricing: $399
Members Yearly Pricing: $379
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About Eva Kettles

Eva helps people to remember their own self-worth and to express their untamed adventurous spirit by choosing their perfect life and becoming sovereign magnetic creators. Learn to transform struggle into liberation, purpose, passion, and confidence.

She has helped hundreds of high powered entrepreneurs through personal VIP coaching to connect to their true passion, including celebrities and politicians. She is a two-time Best stelling Author and is certified in at least 15 different modalities, which allows her to pick and chose what works to create the Magnetic Evolution Movement.

She has also developed specific systems and courses for clients that suffer from specific symptoms in areas of addiction, fertility, and depression.

Her uniquely created Miracle YOU Meditations are also very powerful tools that can accompany every course and help her clients anchor in a new State of Being.

Life experiences have taught Eva that universal laws cannot be broken and that it is the individual that needs to align with them. As we find alignment - we find freedom from suffering.

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