Our Mission

Eva and Marcus Kettles founded Fit Buddha with a very clear vision in mind. They wanted to host a sacred space literally and virtually where their members could experience a synthesis of FITNESS modalities and HEALING energies. They envisioned a space where they could facilitate a TOTAL MIND BODY SPIRIT EVOLUTION. Their vision has become a reality both in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California, and will soon be reaching far beyond. They have succeeded in their mission to help people be their best selves. To create strong, balanced, toned, flexible bodies. To improve mind body spirit connection To open up to live life more fully To build community and improve the overall quality of life, by making each moment a conscious evolution of our Body Temple, with fun, integrity, and a joyful spirit.

The fitness and wellness modalities are intended to provide effective, efficient, sustainable answers to life’s challenges. Through regular use of the Megaformer, Indoor Cycling, and other exercise options, Fit Buddha enables people to strengthen and sculpt their body temples. With nutritional offerings, wellness programs, and consciousness-raising programming, Fit Buddha provides the container for inspiration to shine, bring the mind, body, and spirit into wholeness integration in a fun and rewarding atmosphere. The Fit Buddha Way focuses on developing greater self-awareness, increased focus, reduced stress, and toxicity. Fit Buddha studios are designed to stimulate the senses and inspire, creating a high vibratory atmosphere that activates health, happiness, and self-empowerment in a community of supportive like-minded Fit Buddhas.

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