Superconscious Recode Sessions with Eva

Live the Life you always DREAMED to live…

Superconscious Recode sessions are powerful magnetic alignment sessions. MAGNETIC expresses that you magnetically pull towards you that which you want.

Eva helps you to determine your true values and align you with new choices, so you can live according to your true desires. All that has hindered you in the past from living your best life will be treated for more satisfaction and less pain in your life. All that stands in the way of your optimal future Reality will be transmuted and brought into alignment with that desired reality. These sessions are the fastest way to get from your current reality to your desired reality in absolute every single area in your life. Eva is a magnetic alignment specialist and worked in holistic medicine and transformational healing her entire adult life.

Inspired action in the direction of your end result creates magnetism and manifestation!!!

Massive action in the wrong direction creates frustration, self-sabotage, and distraction

YOU CHOOSE what kind of experiences you attract!

Choose inspired Action in the Right direction!

Your transformation looks like this:

– you feel powerful and wholesome

– you flow with momentum in the direction of your choice

– you feel aligned with your desire and values and choose to feel good

– you recognize that you are deserving and you are open to receive

– you love yourself and feel confident in all circumstances

– you live an authentic lifestyle that makes you truly happy

– you stop judging yourself and others

– you accept change with a positive outlook

– you release attachment and direct your focus onto the present moment

– you let the past go and you feel excited about the future no matter how it looks

– you connect to your inherent wisdom and feel protected and can face the storm with inner confidence

– you don’t feel alone, trust and have faith in the world around you and yourself

– you know that solutions show up in the perfect moment

– you feel liberated from suffering

Are you ready to RECEIVE?
Are you ready to LET IN what is already yours?
Are you ready to STEP INTO who you are?

THEN – choose RECODE Sessions NOW!!!

Please email Eva with your questions or book a personal session before you participate in the group sessions eva@fitbuddhafitness.com

1 Personal Session: $300 (Fit Buddha discount is $50 for active clients)
1 Group Zoom Session: $50

Choose Your Group Package Below:

Note: Group sessions require a minimum of 8 people

Receive 9 Sessions for only $333 instead of $450
Limited time only!!! 

Sign up for this challenge if you are in need of a big transformation in all areas of your life = quick and easy!

Your current reality might feel like this:

– extreme anxiety and worry
– feeling lost – don’t know where to go from here
– feeling unhappy with your performance
– feeling not very confident about yourself
– feeling depressed
– feeling unmotivated
– feeling overwhelmed
– feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
– negative self talk
– feeling trapped and alone
– you really want to kickstart your life and free yourself of a lot of sabotaging elements fast!

Do the challenge!!!

3 Month/ 12 Recode Sessions
$555 instead of $600

Sign up for the 3 Months Package if you like to work on several areas but want to take a bit of time to feel deeper into your desired goals and allow each week to guide you to the most predominant “issue” at hand that you like to move out of the way. It will be very clear each week, as Eva will help you determine what your true choice is for the Recode session each week and guide you through the process with clarity and determination.

**Requires a minimum of 8 people



6 Month/ 24 Recode Sessions
$999 instead of $1200

Sign up for the 6 Month Package if you want the best deal and you want to transform every area of your life and move towards your purpose and stop yourself from procrastination.

This package is a commitment to yourself and allows you to stay on top of “inevitable changes” and the sessions will allow you to keep creating actively with deliberate action what you truly desire and remove all hindrances consistently. This package is for the ones that are choosing to be “unstoppable”.  The time is NOW!!!

**Requires a minimum of 8 people

Hear what others have to say:



  • You have a group of friends that want to transform their lives
  • You want to work on specific subjects together as a group of friends or family?
  • You want to do the Recode Session at a specific time that is not offered and personalize the day and time?

Your Benefit: The ORGANIZER OF THE RECODE GROUP POD is going to get the Session for FREE (min. 5 people)

Yes – I am interested to create my own group – email Eva or text!


  • You receive access to 4 of our Unify Global peace meditations per month which help activate your inherent potential and magnify your energy field into deeper peace awareness and freedom.
  • At the same time, you magnify the group potential which spreads the message of deep inner alignment and a new matrix of peace and deep fulfillment into the human collective.
  • You become a deliberate Creator of peace and tranquility on the planet.
  • By becoming an active Fit Buddha Member – you receive a discounted RATE on all meditation challenges (click here for page Miracle YOU Meditation Series)

Receive Discounts on:

  • Miracle YOU Meditations
  • Merchandise
  • InfraRed Massage Bed
  • Online Shop

Note: Does not include Recode Sessions as Packages are already discounted!




About Eva Kettles

Eva helps people to remember their own self-worth and to express their untamed adventurous spirit by choosing their perfect life and becoming sovereign magnetic creators. Learn to transform struggle into liberation, purpose, passion, and confidence.

She has helped hundreds of high powered entrepreneurs through personal VIP coaching to connect to their true passion, including celebrities and politicians. She is a two-time Best stelling Author and is certified in at least 15 different modalities, which allows her to pick and chose what works to create the Magnetic Evolution Movement.

She has also developed specific systems and courses for clients that suffer from specific symptoms in areas of addiction, fertility, and depression.

Her uniquely created Miracle YOU Meditations are also very powerful tools that can accompany every course and help her clients anchor in a new State of Being.

Life experiences have taught Eva that universal laws cannot be broken and that it is the individual that needs to align with them. As we find alignment - we find freedom from suffering.


What is the outcome of doing Superconscious Recode Sessions? What do they serve me with? Why would I need them?

Recode Sessions will transform your life in a very profound way. You will be able to let go of energetic attachments, cultural belief systems, definitions, and family entanglements, just to name a few elements, that you might be aware of and others that you are not aware of and can’t even comprehend at this time and still all those energetics have a pull on your evolution. They have kept you hostage to react a certain way in different areas of your life. You will become FREE to live the life you have dreamed to live and transform the way you engage and the way you act or react to whatever life throws your way.

You might ask yourself why would I need to do this for a few months or even a year on a regular basis?

The answer is, that you are constantly moving and life is not stopping to create challenging situations for you to grow and expand. Every Recode Session will deepen your understanding of your own Self and you will become more able to access your divine gifts. That fact will prompt you to new attachments surfacing and in order for you to stay in an effortless flow, you would want to take care of the energetic resistance that surfaced immediately. By choosing consistent recode sessions you stay on top of your own evolution and make your awakening a lighthearted and enjoyable journey. 

Change is probably the one constant we can expect in all our lives and shifts will hit us if we choose to resist and also if we are open to allowing a change in, it just comes – but with the one difference, if we expect change and align with the flow, we become ONE with the energetics beyond our own attachments and then life becomes magic and effortless. We stop feeling stuck and anxious and allow the shift to bring us closer to what we desire in complete trust. That is the difference! We will not stop change, we will flow with change!  Regular Recode Sessions will consistently align your personal field of creation and allow you to move towards your goals with ease and grace. You instantly align any new inner resistance coming up in different areas of your life that need your attention and instead of waiting to let resistance pull you back – you take conscious action toward more positive momentum in the direction you want to move. 

What areas can I recode?

You can recode your intimate relationships, your business environment, your friendships, your personal relationship with money, your relationship with time, get clarity on your true values, and your purpose and mission. You can recode how you do things your habits and personality. You can recode the way you feel about pretty much everything and that changes how you see and experience Life. You become Free and Liberated from an old Matrix and Paradigm that has not served you in the past and you can fully familiarize yourself with your true authentic self which lives Free of Anxieties and Fears. You change your perspective on pretty much everything and let other people be who they are. Your life changes because you change. 




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