The Next Evolution of Inner Light & Sound Transmissions


Sundays 9am
Conveniently from your home
Dial In #: 425-436-6365
Access Code will be provided once you register for class
Single Session: $20
10 Pack $180


By dialing in every Sunday at 9am, you will participate in a healing circle – energetically connect to the ONE Heart, ONE Mind intelligence and basically “participate in creating a new foundation” with intentions to build a new world from within. From there you create a new outer world and experience. As a group potential we are even more powerful and by allowing us to feel and think – Perfection – Wholesomeness – Clarity – Love – Joy – Wonder and Miracles – together – we create Magic much, much faster.

You become a deliberate active magnifier of the good feelings inside and set yourself up to feel and think in a new way. We all become a continuous wave of potential and can so to speak powerfully energize ourselves, our life path and different areas in the world that need healing and focused new vision in order to upgrade into it’s own new magnetic field. Through participation you become more and more magnetic and will be liberated from the old matrix of an electric field manipulating you and pulling energy from you. You create a new YOU, a new world and become a potent Co-creator with the group and with the universe.

Your weekly donation of $20 is an investment into rapidly shifting your consciousness and helping to seed new energy into this world.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


Hear what clients have to say:

Eva Kettles is an Ascension Guide for humanity and helps consciously move our 3rd Dimensional Reality into a 5th Dimensional perspective.

She is guiding you in each of her meditative Sound Healing sessions through a channeled experience that is coming from the Divine Creator Source. She is helping each person to align with their higher perspective of themselves,  the place of inner truth, acceptance, wisdom, peace, and alignment. Each transmission is carefully chosen by the Ascended Masters and her Ascension team is leading each powerful transmission to help transmute the misalignment between our thoughts and emotions in order to raise the frequency of our vibratory output to reflect our highest awareness and the consciousness of our true nature. This experience is unlike anything else you have ever experienced as she also speaks about universal truths and helps you to magnetize your individual intentions and takes you onto a journey deeper and deeper into the depth of spirit guiding the group with her voice and the singing bowls. 


Frequently asked Questions:

What does Sound healing do?
Sound waves help you release blocked energy move through your consciousness, open and unlock the energy that is already there, but is blocked. It recalibrates, reorganizes, re-patterns and restructures our inner world so our outer experience becomes aligned and attuned from the inside out.

What exactly happens in my experience?
You are starting to disconnect from your present reality and take on a higher perspective of your current life experience. From that point you see more clearly and can allow your higher conscious awareness influence your current life with ideas and healing love that helps shift your perception, which therefore brings more ease and grace into your body, mind and life.

Does everyone have the same experience?
No, this experience of sound and what you hear is unique to you even though you sit in the same room with others sharing this experience. Your consciousness is bringing to you the experience that you need and the experience that will help you the most to find clarity or healing. It will vary a lot from person to person and can be perceived very differently depending if you are releasing trauma in the session or if you are experiencing a restoring version of a sound transmission for yourself.

Will I be safe?
Yes absolutely, you are guided by your own Higher Self and nothing dangerous can happen or will be allowed by your guidance system. Eva is an experienced Transformational Ascension Guide who will make sure that you are bathed in a force field of love and protection so you can allow yourself to go through your experience and focus on your inner journey and bring back into this experience what your guidance system was wanting you to see, hear and feel.

What do people experience after doing this consistently?
Huge shifts are experiences in their awareness of self, releasing of patterns and old stories they carry. They perceive “the problem” not as a problem anymore and find simple solutions that they are able to set in motion. Grace and ease enters their lives and also abundance and healing occurs.

Why is it important to give a donation?
Giving is receiving, your abundance level raises tremendously when you start to recognize that giving yourself permission to invest into an upgrade of your energy level is giving back to the Source who activated this re-calibration. It is allowing yourself to recognize the bigger picture and acknowledge the source behind it and also recognize that you, as the giver are one with the receiver. The more you give – the more you receive – it is the law of the universe.

This being said, we don’t turn away anybody who feels they have not enough funds and we want you to come to help heal what blocks that very energy until you can feel the abundance streaming into you and from you and back to you.

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