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At Fit Buddha, we are dedicated to your well-being inside and out. We offer Ceragem Massage Bed in Ventura and an Infrared Sauna in Santa Barbara. Please check back here frequently as we showcase products and services that will help elevate your ultimate well being. 

Ceragem Massage Bed (Ventura)

The Ceragem Massage Bed in Ventura is the first and only massager that scans the length of your spine and provides a fully customized massage that relaxes muscles, relieves arthritis pain while improving blood circulation and energy. Ceragem massage therapy features rollers and infrared heat to promote healing and improve overall wellness. The rollers, made from jade, naturally stimulate circulation, while the infrared rays warm the body to stimulate the blood vessels.

Infrared Sauna (Santa Barbara)

After your workout, enjoy our Infrared Sauna in Santa Barbara. Bring your “sound healing music” on your iPod or phone, plug the earphones in, and escape into the land of light and sound and let the journey begin that brings yours into a state of calmness. The body expands and opens up under the warm rays of the infrared energy which helps you to detox from stress and anxiety and attunes your being to a state of love and openness while allowing your body to open and relax on the deepest level. The sound frequencies alter your state of consciousness, so choose your music carefully with sounds of nature and frequencies that nurture and align your being so you receive the most out of your treatment.

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Santa Barbara

23A W. Gutierrez St.
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