My Bosnia Pyramid Experience

My Bosnia Pyramid Experience

My Bosnia Pyramid Experience

My Bosnia – Pyramid experience was nothing I have experienced before. My heart opened – my soul felt free to roar…..and so will yours….xoxoxo


Why Did I Go?

I had heard of the amazing Bosnian Pyramids already in 2016 and my Soul immediately recognized that I had to experience that energy field that was discovered. I was hearing about the amazing healing benefits for our bodies and minds and was simply ready to go on an adventure. I was called to do something different, something that would nurture my soul from a very deep place. It felt like a remembrance of some sort as if my soul was called to go to Bosnia to reactivate a part in my memory. And just like that – I felt very home there, as people were so loving and kind and the nature was untouched and everything felt so intimate. The energy of the pyramids ( there are many, not just one and you will learn all about it) called me….and invited every person that I met also with similar stories…. to simply trust in their own individual experience and adventure. We were individuals meeting in Bosnia at the same time – coming from all walks of life – from every culture – of every age – just to come together to find harmony and peace and companionship, as we learned from each other and were starting to realize that all these wonderful souls knew each other from a long time ago… and had so much to share with each other. Everyone was so open, so connected to their unique gift and showed up in their own right as they have answered that mystical call of the Pyramids for different reasons. Either to heal themselves or simply to Say YES to their inner Awakening and to say YES to support one another on the journey to Reawaken our true identity and divine consciousness and to allow ourselves to once again play like innocent children experiencing a magical initiation by the universal omnipotent power of infinite potential and you will find out how it plays out for you personally – in the comfort of your trusting heart.
The Power of the Pyramids are calling in the people that are ready for this upgrade, that declares that they are – and that take a chance to experience this amazing adventure and want to meet like-minded new friends. It calls the souls that are OPEN to surrender to what is meant for them. It calls the souls that have a divine appointment with each other.

Why Do I Offer This Trip to Our Fit Buddha Community?

My experience was magnificent. I met new friends all over the world and can literally visit everyone. We bonded on a heart to heart and soul to soul level and through the excursions to sit in meditation for as long as we wanted and to feel each other and find the perfect person to go on an adventure with. I want to share this experience and make it available to my Fit Buddha family and take the Group with me this coming year, next May 2019 to experience the upgraded version of my experience. If you feel called and hear this Call – please email me.
I also am ready for my next activation and know this energy field is magnifying all that I have seeded. 
The Bosnian Tunnels under the Pyramids will be even further excavated and they will have more spaces to sit and meditate and feel the amazing vibration of the energies that are channeled in by the Pyramids. We will this time stay in Sarajevo in a 5 Star hotel and there will be so much laughter, so much excitement, so many stories to be shared and deep growth to be expected. Everything is provided – all tour arrangements are made already. You only have to say YES and go onto this journey to dive into the highest energy vibration that you have ever experienced. The Pyramids are acting like antennas for a galactic gateway that activates new light codes in all of us to rejuvenate our being on all levels. Every soul receives the perfect dose that is meant for you. You will be taken care of and can relax and receive. All we ask is – for you to surrender to Love, Friendship and a new upgrade of consciousness – if you so wish. 
I am here for you for questions and would be honored if I may be your tour guide of the Bosnia Excursion in 2019 for our Fit Buddha family!!!!