Bridging the Gap from Physical Fitness to Self-Love with Fit Buddha

Bridging the Gap from Physical Fitness to Self-Love with Fit Buddha

Bridging the Gap from Physical Fitness to Self-Love with Fit Buddha

One of the things that sets Fit Buddha Fitness apart from other yoga, Pilates and fitness studios in Santa Barbara and Ventura is our dedication. Specifically, our dedication to enriching our clients’ lives spiritually as well as physically. That’s we offer modalities that help you gain access to your inner self and establish a deeper connection to your heart. 

Taking exercise classes at Fit Buddha helps vitalize your connection to your body and takes you out of your mind and into your muscles. When you work out on our Megaformer exercise machines, you release toxic waste by oxygenizing your cells. You then gain strength, flexibility and balance. The Lagree Fitness Method is so effective because it combines the benefits of yoga, Pilates, strength training and stretching — all into one low-impact exercise. But we like to take things a step further.

We proudly offer our infrared jade roller massage treatment to promote muscle healing, recovery and relaxation. This unique treatment uses a patented CERAGEM Bed that features jade rollers and gentle, infrared heat. Soothing, inspirational music will help open your heart to healing and balance your brain hemispheres. A 40-minute session on our massage bed will give you a welcome respite from the stress of your everyday life. You’ll leave feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. 

We also offer sound baths in conjunction with a meditative journey that allows you to resurrect parts inside of you that were lying dormant. As you realign yourself through this powerful journey, those dormant parts in you will slowly awaken. If you’ve never experienced a sound bath, it’s impossible to explain how powerful and effective it is — come experience it for yourself! 

One of the most rewarding services I oversee at Fit Buddha is one-one-one spiritual guidance and coaching. Think of it as having a personal trainer for your soul! Few things bring me more joy in life than helping others heal. In fact, that’s the whole reason for this blog post. My hope is that something in this story will resonate with you, and will bring you closer to experiencing self-love and healing.

I’ve had several clients of my therapy practice come to me with a tremendous amount of feelings that were creating energetic momentum towards sabotaging themselves. It is so easy to get into a downward spiral. We are used to looking at our lives from a perspective created by thought patterns that have been deeply engrained in us. We took them on from our parents, friends, co-workers, grandparents and others. On top of that, we all have access to our old memory databank of thousands of difficult moments, experiences and traumas that created a distorted view of ourselves and others. It also creates a great foundation for beliefs that are limiting — beliefs based in fear consciousness and other blockages that truly hinder us from inhabiting a positive attitude towards our lives.


Given all the reasons we tell ourselves why we cannot be successful, why we cannot experience the love we dream of and why we cannot have the physical appearance and feelings we would like to occupy in our bodies and why we can’t have the friendships that nurture our soul, we allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed by our emotions and decide to give up on reaching for our dreams. Too many negative thoughts in our lives keep us from adjusting ourselves and activating a positive outlook and a positive momentum. 

So how do we turn this ship around and how do we become the captain of our journey? I steered this article towards the topic of self-love since, for me, the most important quality is to feel compassion and love towards ourselves in moments when we are most disappointed in the way we handle failure and difficulty. This is when we want to be nurtured and picked up by someone. But often, just when we need it most, we don’t receive this kind of support from our friends or family since we have lowered our receiver capacity to almost nothing. We are close ourselves off from love. So it’s no wonder nobody sees us or loves us if we fail to stay open for the universe to grace us with fulfilling experiences. 

It is as simple as this: we attract exactly what we put out. If we feel energetically turned off, our magnetic pull is close to zero and therefore nothing much happens. If we energetically are fuming anger, or hatred and criticism out into the universe, that’s what the universe gives us in return. This feeds the fire, encouraging us to fume a bit more as we feel disappointed in the universe and its inability to help us when we most need it. 

But the universe doesn’t respond to what we think we need. It responds to the exact vibrational code we put out, which means we attract what we resonate. So an angry attitude will attract experiences that will give us even more reason to feel that exact emotion and we will feel more disappointment in the universe. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The key is to realize that we are responsible for our own frequency. We are responsible for the emotions we radiate out and for what we ask for. Our “universal ally” will respond 100% back to us instantly with the exact match in a vibratory experience that holds the quality of our feelings we have “vibed” out. Self-love is important because it is the only way to stay in control of our output and to turn our direction into a positive upward spiral. Taking responsibility for loving ourselves unconditionally through our days, no matter what is happening, is a way to gain momentum towards an upward spiral. This connects us to vibrations and feelings that magnetize qualities of love, compassion, kindness and joy back into our life, which again creates experiences of this kind of quality. 

So how can self-love help to change our outlook? Wherever you are in your life or however much you judge yourself, the first step towards an upward momentum is accepting all of what is going on in you and around you as simply the way it is for now. You are here for a reason and you don’t even have to figure it out, but energetically open your heart towards your own being with compassion and empathy towards yourself. To embrace your momentary situation fully with even a few sentences that you speak out loud directed towards your body and mind. So you tell yourself, “it’s ok, I am where I am now and I know I move on from here with full speed ahead, as I create a new perspective for myself — a new outlook.” 

Just like a captain on a ship – you need a vision — a destination — and you need a few coordinates to get you there. With that in mind, here are eight steps you can take to turn your ship around: 

  1. Acceptance of where you are – 100% embrace of self in the now moment. This is best achieved as you focus on your heart and start taking the focus from your mind into your heart. 
  2. Realize that you are not your mind, you are not your experiences and you are not your feelings. You are unlimited potential that is holding itself back from breaking free. Make a decision now to take on a new attitude and meet your unlimited potential. 
  3. Tap into your quantum capacity by declaring, “I am now turning my entire being on. I am accessing my full potential here and now!” Energetically expand your being and become fully one with source energy and adjust your receptivity level to 100%.
  4. Release your limiting beliefs, your traumas, patterns and structures of the old self, your old paradigms, judgements and perspectives and allow in a whole new world by evoking what it is you desire.
  5. Turn your limitations into superpowers! What are the areas in your life you feel the least good about? How would feeling confident feel to you? What did you gain by limiting yourself thus far? What would you gain now by releasing yourself from your own prison?
  6. Know that you are magnetic energy and you can energize this magnet to pull in whatever you want – whatever you focus your mind and heart on. Magnetize your energy field and allow your desires to literally be pulled into your field. 
  7. Completely trust the universe being your trusted ally, embody this trust and feel it is already done. You deserve all that you asked for. It is done, 100%! Give it up and let it in!
  8. Send Gratitude towards all that is, 360 degrees in every direction. Feel the “grace of perfection,” feel the turnaround being here now, in deep gratitude.

To cultivate self-love takes commitment to shift our focus and to observe our mind. You can follow this path to regain a true connection to your innate love capacity and learn to direct that love towards anything you want. 



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