Play a part in the Evolution of Fitness, Become a Lagree Certified Instructor!

A Fit Buddha Megaformer Instructor is enthusiastic and passionate about fitness in general but truly understands what Lagree Fitness has to offer. You love to inspire people to become their best. You are confident, reliable and radiate passion for health and wellness. You are caring, genuine and flexible, are quick to learn and a good team player. You love to live a life of purpose and your energy reflects inner harmony, joy, and creativity. You understand that consistency is key on the path of evolution to create results and can inspire others to live a healthy way. If you feel you are a “Fit Buddha” – please send us your resume in form of:

Please submit a 60-90 second video on how you intend to inspire others. Email submissions to eva@fitbuddhafitness.com.

– Attend a weekend instructor training course in Burbank with Lagree.
– Observe and take classes taught by our current instructors
– Shadow current trainers while teaching
– Teach mock classes until you feel ready
– Audition to be placed on the schedule

– Availability to teach at least 2 classes a week
– Availability to attend team meetings and workshops
– Prior fitness experience a plus
– Experience with the Megaformer a plus

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